diumenge, 9 de setembre de 2007

La caca de vaca no fa pudor!

Friends' Posts is a new section in my blog.If you don't have a blog and want to tell some bit of your life, here you have some space.
To start the section, the smelly report of Marisa and some Swiss cows.
"Today we went to see big groups of cows going home for the Winter. They come down from the Alps, where they have been eating grass during the Summer. It is and old tradition, and it has been done the same way, year after year, for centuries. The whole town, and many people from around the world, come to enjoy this big cow parade.
We touched them, we were pushed by them, they were right on our face. Shit and piss were everywhere, but it was a very enjoyable experience. They are such huge, but peaceful animals! "We" had a great time."

Corresponsal a Suïssa, per CBlock TV.