diumenge, 2 d’octubre de 2011

I always Back Scotland!!

I finally found a place to watch my team. A local game in a faraway land. Rivality in every inch of the field. Scotland-England.
We were ahead most of the game, dreaming with the chance of going to the next stage. But a try at the very end, sent us home. Cheer up boys! and remember: We always Back Scotland!!!
Wonderful game of Ireland, whose boys dominated the whole match. Italy started quite well, but they couldn't follow the green path. Yesterday, I felt kind of unconfortable with the English supporters behind me, but today, a wonderful group of eight Irish ladies made my day. They started with some coffe and end up with a golden pint of beer before going to the beach prouder than anyone else.
Congrats to the Irish supporters and the Irish squad!!

That's the calendar and matches for next weekend. The South against the North!!